Winnipeg Scrabble® Club #498 is a member of the North American Scrabble┬« Players Association (NASPA).

The club meets every Thursday evening 6:30 – 10:00 p.m. at the Canadian Mennonite University - South Campus, Room C09, 600 Shaftsbury Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB (on the south-west corner of Grant and Shaftsbury).

Parking is available in the "N" lot of the campus. The university is also served by Winnipeg Transit.

Club Rules

  • There are no membership requirements. Fee is $5.00 per night, or blocks of 5 or 10 nights for $25 or $50 respectively.
  • North American Scrabble® Players Association rules are followed, but are relaxed for new players.
  • Clocks are used with each player getting 25 minutes for their turns in the game.
  • A computer word judge (e.g. Zyzzyva) or dictionaries are consulted when a play is challenged.
  • New players have the option of being provided with a list of allowable 2- and 3-letter words, until they are comfortable playing without it.
  • Usually 4 games are played per night, with the last 3 games sometimes being a round-robin format.
  • Tournament quality equipment is provided, plus some players bring their own.
  • A fragrance-free environment is encouraged.

Officially sanctioned (NASPA rated) tournaments are held once a year. NASPA requires a membership fee of $30 US upon entering a sanctioned tournament.


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